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September 10, 2009

10% watch BBC iPlayer via PS3

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by Alan Harten

The BBC claims that about 10% of all the shows that are viewed on its iPlayer platform are watched using the PlayStation3 gaming console.

This seems like a high percentage, however as most gaming consoles are usually located in children’s bedrooms, it does seem logical the kids are logging on.

Regardless, the iPlayer TV streaming capabilities were put into the Sony 2.53 version of the PS3 and the most recent 3.0 update has a built in direct link from the X-Media Launcher to the iPlayer, making it easy to hop on.

The service also has been updated in the last few weeks to include the new Flash player update so that video streaming is of higher quality.

If the figures of 10% are correct, then the PS3 is the second most popular way to view content from the iPlayer.

Controller for the BBC, Anthony Rose, stated that the news reinforces the fact that people do use the iPlayer on their television sets, which is a positive piece of news for Project Canvas which is getting close to the final stages of approval.

Story link: 10% watch BBC iPlayer via PS3

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  1. Good news for Sony and the Beeb. Having something that doesn’t lock you to a specific platform (Like ITV player and its crap silverlight) - the BBC have something that has a much bigger market share.

    Comment by ps — September 10, 2009 @ 1:34 pm

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