Apple takes back Commodore 64 iPhone app

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Apple takes back Commodore 64 iPhone app
Video game enthusiasts got to enjoy the Commodore 64 iPhone application for a few days this weekend before it was taken away from them again by Apple.

Apple first rejected the application for the Commodore 64 app, developed by Manomio, and then decided to approve it after a few changes were made.

The sale of the app lasted over the weekend before it got yanked again on Tuesday.

Apple has not released a statement as to why the app was yanked, but Manomio believes it is because there is a way for users to get around the app to activate the Commodore Basic interpreter, which is why the application was rejected the first time it was submitted to Apple.

An entry on the iPhone blog, on Sunday, stated that to get to the Basic interpreter all users have to do is show the keyboard while playing and then head to the extra keypad and press reset.

CTO Stuart Carnie of Manomio stated that the company did not purposely include the reset button, but that it was a mistake that was left in due to the many changes that Apple requested of the developer.

Carnie also stated that the group was surprised Apple even allowed it to go on sale Saturday at all.

Those who have already downloaded the application can still enjoy it on their iPhone, while others who want to try the application will have to wait until the revised version, which is currently under review, is approved by Apple.

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