SuperSpeed USB compliance

September 11, 2009

Beginning this past Tuesday (Sept 1st), all USB 3.0 devices will need to comply with the certification specifications called the SuperSpeed USB. Manufacturers will need to test their products to make sure that they meet the requirements.

All products that meet the qualifications will carry the SuperSpeed USB logo that shows the new product is compatible with USB 2.0 ports as well as the new USB 3.0 technology according to president of the USB Implementers Forum, Jeff Ravencraft.

This logo is meant to inform customers when they are buying new technology and USB drives that it will work alongside any computer or other device that has the same logo making it easier for users to find compatible goods.

Ravencraft stated additionally that the new compliance and certification program is the first step towards consumers seeing the logo at the store so that they can rest easy their purchase is correct and will work with already purchased USB 2.0 products.

New USB 3.0 products are able to offer consumer’s higher data transfer rates of up to 5Gbit/s over the current standards of USB 2.0 technology which is around 480Mbit/s. The higher speeds are most likely to be used on items such as external hard drives over other peripherals like a mouse or keyboard.

According to estimates within the USB industry, there were more than 3 billion USB devices shipped across the world in 2009.

The IDC predicts that by 2013 the new SuperSpeed branded USBs will dominate about 30% of the USB market.


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