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September 11, 2009

Vodafone launches MiFi mobile broadband

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by David Allen

Vodafone customers will soon be joining the new MiFi generation, as the firm launches its version of the personal mobile broadband hotspot device, which allows users to share a mobile broadband connection with up to five other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The device is slightly larger than a credit card but allows fast access to the mobile broadband network.

Devices such as digital cameras and games consoles connect to the MiFi wirelessly and then the device connects to the mobile broadband network.

As for connection speeds this, as always, depends on the location of the user.

It is widely know that the Vodafone broadband network offers up to 7.2 Mbps but it can be as low .5 Mbps or less.

Currently Vodafone will be making this available in Germany, Romania and Spain and there is no news as to when the MiFi will be launched in the UK.

Story link: Vodafone launches MiFi mobile broadband

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