Thales Time Stamp Server 5.0

September 14, 2009

Thales announced that customers are now able to securely sign digital software and documents using the Time Stamp Server 5.0.

The new time stamping security appliance can work alongside many already invented rights management tools and is able to promote integrity in information for legal submissions, archives, and gaming activities such as the lottery.

Thales new Time Stamp Server lets customers digitally time stamp their electronic records to provide a higher level of authenticity and security while also securing the integrity of the information that is validated with the time stamp.

The Time Stamp Server 5.0 is a part of the new product line known as nCipher and is cost effective and an easy system to deploy making it attractive to companies that are looking for a stamping solution for a wide variety of documents from Acrobat to Microsoft programs.

It also has support for 4,096 bit RSA keys which is well above the standard set by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology of 2,048 bit RSA keys.

Vice President and Managing Director for the information systems security department at Thales, Frank Greverie said that since more organizations are using public key operations to enhance the security of sensitive information it is important that cryptography is now available so that a full public key infrastructure does not have to be developed.

In other Thales news, the company announced this week that Follett Higher Education Group which sells over 23m textbooks annually across US colleges has decided to use Thales solutions for key management and encryption services.


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