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September 16, 2009

Sky customers offered data protection

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by David Allen

Subscribers to Sky TV will soon able to protect their identities with a new service being offered by the satellite TV provider.

Identity theft and fraud cannot only be a nuisance but it can cost the victim too, which is one of the reasons for introducing a series of online data protection tools that will provide customers with a service that should prevent fraud from happening.

The service is going to be called Sky Identity Patrol and the purpose of it is to show customers how they can take steps to stop identity theft and fraud from occurring.

The system works by searching and monitoring the internet, illegally traded data, public records and commercial databases for sensitive date relating to the customer.

If anything is found that could be a security concern, the customer is alerted.

The cost of this service is going to be either £4.50 per month or £45 for the year.

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