Blackberry customisation from BeBeMe

September 18, 2009

Blackberry customisation from BeBeMe
As instant messaging continues to grow in popularity, a new social network website has been launched that is specifically tailored to users who have Blackberry smartphones.

The most desirable trait of the new service is its ability to use PIN to PIN1 connections to provide free instant messaging to users of Blackberry mobiles.

Its prominent marketing goal is to provide users with the ability to customize their user experience and manage social networks.

In order to use the service, users simply must download the BeBeMe software2 package which is free and then customize the email or PIN that they want to use.

They can choose to use whichever customer ID they like to create any image, be it professional, fun, or easy to remember for other users.

Each pin is given for life.

Additionally, the software provides protection and an automatic backup of all networks and contacts so that if a Blackberry mobiles damaged, lost, or upgraded they will not lose access to the service and their contacts.

Once a member users can create a profile that includes a text box for member information, contact information, a web photo, search facility, and individualised privacy options.

Chief corporate officer of BeBeMe Inc, John Burnett, stated that the new service is aimed at allowing Blackberry users to get more out of their mobiles with a specific range of global social networking services.

Blackberry Curve users may also want to check out a new designer pouch that allows those with the 8520 model to keep their mobile safe while also in top style.

It will be available in violet.


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