GyPSii on Andriod

September 18, 2009

GyPSii announced that today it will debut on the Android operating system of mobile phones.

Thus, anyone who owns an Android phone can now have access to the GyPSii network to share, create, and search any content in real time with other friends and the entire GyPsii network as desired.

The new launch onto the Android system is a successful step forward for GyPSii as the company can now market the application to a broader segment of potential users, out of which many are considered to already fit into their key demographic as target consumers.

Currently, the GyPSii application is available on phones that utilize Java.

The main purpose of the application is to allow mobile users to map their Points of Interests on a mobile phone to search for readily available information on their current location and to share these with friends who are also on the GyPSii community.

On an Android mobile a user can utilise GyPSii in many different social web techniques such as finding the location of their friends and connecting their current surroundings with information that may be useful for navigation and discovering new information about key areas they are near.

With the ability to now run on any mobile that is Java based the company was able to add about a hundred new compatible devices to their list of supported mobiles such as the Sony Ericsson C905 and the Nokia 6300.

Thus, users of simpler phones can now have the same experiences that users of a smartphone have without paying the larger price tag.


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