iNum offers HD VoIP

September 18, 2009

Voxbone, an international VoIP provider announced yesterday that its iNum international independent number service is now able to provide high-definition (HD) voice support with a uniform identifier so that phone calls can be made in HD.

Now that it is possible to enable the endpoints to receive and support HD, any calls that are made to iNum numbers will have a much better quality of sound than those that are made over circuit switched telephony.

This means that calls will sound more like in-the-room phone calls with an added cost of savings compared to what international calling traditionally costs users from a fixed line.

iNum numbers are prefaced with the ITU-assigned 883 code, which refers to the Internet in the same way that 44 refers internationally to the U.K. and 1 refers to the U.S.

Each mobile call is first delivered to Voxbone which then delivers it across the longest distance of the route to the service provider, which then disconnects its phone service to the subscriber allowing them to use the lower cost service.

Although the service will not provide HD standards to those whose operators still use Plain Old Telephone Service, for the most part most iNum calls should support HD voice since most service providers are now using IP or have ventured into the VoIP carrier market.

Voxbone also announced that it is launching a reseller program to provide international phone numbers to smaller businesses and individuals.


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