One News Page for iPhone

September 18, 2009

The iPhone Web Application launched yesterday that allows users easy and quick access to the top breaking stories from many global news organisations.

The new application is available for free on the Apple website and will allow users to read stories from more than 1,200 certified news sources.

It can also be directly downloaded onto the iPhone using the web browser to head to the application store.

The application called the One News Page presents a plethora of headlines from the daily news, with 20,000 new headlines added each day, to an archive that today stands at about four million different stories and will continue to grow.

Each headline can also be viewed in categories such as business, celebrities, and sports to make it easier to navigate through the news to access the information a user wants.

To ease customer use, a search ability is also worked into the web app based on a keyword query.

Users who are intrigued by a story can easily click on the headline which will redirect them to the original news source so that they can read the complete story.

CEO of One News Page, Dr. Marc Pinter-Krainer, stated that the company is glad to release the iPhone applicaton to meet the need of consumers who want access to the news on a daily basis while they are on a go.

He also said that with more than 50 million Apple iPhones and iPod Touch devices throughout the world this will significantly open the doors to the web platform of content.

IPhone users now also have access to a new social network application called the SocialText 3.6 which allows users to share activity streams as well as quickly email or call using their mobile devices.

The new version is an update to the previously released version from three years ago.

Outside of the iPhone, the SocialText 3.6 is also supported by Google Android mobiles and RIM Blackberrys.


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