Noel Edmonds makes deal for cosmic ordering iPhone app

Darren Allan

September 21, 2009

Noel Edmonds, host of the popular box opening gameshow Deal or No Deal, is set to launch his own iPhone app based around “cosmic ordering”.

If you’re not familiar with cosmic ordering, it’s nothing to do with a giant intergalactic branch of Argos. It is, in fact, simply asking the universe for what you require in your life, and believing that it will be provided; whereupon you’ll receive it.

This is regardless as to whether your wish is pots of cash, a job as a beer tester, or for Noel Edmonds to crawl back into the Crinkley Bottom from whence he spawned and never darken our TV (or iPhone) screens again.

The thing about cosmic ordering is that all it requires is belief, and if you’re so inclined perhaps a bit of meditation. And not an iPhone.

What does the app actually do?

Well, essentially it allows you to keep track of what you order. A bit like a piece of paper and a biro, really. Oh, and it costs £1.20. A bit more than a piece of paper and a biro.

We suppose we can only be thankful it doesn’t have anything to do with Mr. Blobby.


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