Online banking threat from Clampi trojan

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

A new trojan virus has been unleashed which aims to steal online banking passwords.

The trojan is called Clampi, and it infects a user’s PC when they visit a website which hosts the malicious code.

It will then lie in wait until it detects that the user is browsing any of 4,500 earmarked financial and banking related websites, whereupon it will capture their login details and transmit them back to the perpetrators. Nasty indeed.

The virus is already causing havoc, spreading swiftly across the UK and the US, and according to security experts it presents a dangerous threat to any Windows based PC.

As ever, the best defence is to make sure you’re running a firewall and anti-virus software which is regularly updated. Exercising common sense in which websites you browse is also important, obviously.

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