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September 24, 2009

BT iPlate should not be purchased

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by David Allen

The BT iPlate broadband accelerator has been on the market for some time now.

It promises to improve the performance of some broadband connections, but according to one of the providers of this equipment, Solwise, customers should not waste their money on the iPlate.

The iPlate replaces the front cover of the main BT socket and isolates the wire that used to be for the phone ringer.

This wire is not used anymore but it can interfere with the broadband service coming in.

When the bell wire is isolated, the broadband connection is said to be faster and more reliable.

However according to Solwise, the £5.90 cost is a waste of money as all the customer has to do is disconnect the bell wire.

This would have the same effect and requires no more work than would be required to install the iPlate in the first place.

Story link: BT iPlate should not be purchased

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