First USB 3.0 drive launched by Freecom

Darren Allan

September 24, 2009

Freecom has announced its Hard Drive XS 3.0, which is apparently the first external hard disk in the world to offer SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology.

The compact drive will be backwards compatible with USB 2.0, and offer zippy transfer rates of 130MBps, with storage capacities of up to 2TB available.

“We now can transfer a 5GB movie in just 38 seconds – it’s unbelievably fast,” said Axel Lucassen, Managing Director of Freecom. “Besides being SuperSpeed ready, the Hard Drive XS 3.0 also outperforms the competition in terms of security. Our USB 3.0 solution will have high-speed hardware encryption with AES 256 bit – this is not only the fastest but also the safest storage solution on the market.”

The Hard Drive XS 3.0, which will be out before the end of this year, is set to retail at the £99 mark for the smallest 1TB version.

Naturally, for it to work at full speed you’ll also need a USB 3.0 port, which will be available on an expansion card costing £23 for a desktop (and £26 for a laptop).

Expect more fancy SuperSpeed based drives in the pipeline. Freecom reckons that over 70% of data storage devices will make use of USB 3.0 by 2012.


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  1. BigM says:

    I hope 130Mbps is a typo given that 480Mbps is the USB2 standard making the inclusion of USB3 quite pointless.

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