Gmail outage and contact list glitch

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Google Mail went down this afternoon, and not for the first time this month.

The service seems to be prone to problems of late, with this outage affecting a “small subset of users”, according to Google. The powers-that-be at Google suggested a workaround, namely using desktop email client IMAP to access their inbox.

But obviously that’s a far from convenient solution.

Other users, ourselves included, could access their account, but received an error message that the contacts book wasn’t functioning. A fairly minor but still slightly annoying issue.

The problems seem to have been resolved now, certainly on our email account, but it’s an additional embarrassment for Google given that its news service was also down for several hours this week.

Perhaps the next Google doodle can be a couple of gremlins inserting spanners into the logo.

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  1. Paul Slater says:

    What do you want? It’s for free shut the F..up moaning you Wnkrs

  2. John Carslow says:

    Yes, happened to me too…….again!! Perhaps a move back to hotmail?!?

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