Mobile broadband providers go on the defensive

September 24, 2009

Following a recent mobile broadband survey that came up with the average mobile broadband speed as being just 1.1 Mbps, the industry has launched into defence mode.

According to one leading mobile broadband provider, 3UK, mobile broadband is more than just about speed as it gives the user the ability to access the internet, no matter where they are, providing that they are located in an area with good coverage.

The problem for mobile broadband users is the same as for fixed line users and that is the use of the phrase “up to”.

This wording is deceptive for most consumers who are used to paying for what they get, after all nobody would expect to have “up to 24 hours electricity”.

Either the consumer will have to get used to “up to” or the industry will have to revise its use of the term in order to make the issue of speed crystal clear.


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