NetGemTV next-Gen intergration

September 24, 2009

Netgem, a software developer and IPTV set top box manufacturer has launched a new software platform called the NetgemTV which offers media center functionality and a highly visual and intuitive user interface.

NetGemTV provides new options for operators that are working towards next generation TV services since it allows users to integrate, control, and watch the content that is stored on devices that are within a home network.

The company is already one of the leaders in the French IPTV market, but the new software release will now allow operators to create their own particular versions of IPTV converged services by using Internet content and multiple TV sources in one interface.

To make the new platform even easier for operators and users to work with, developers from companies have access to a full software development kit alongside the full suite of published APIs.

These allow operators to customize different components of the platform such as Video on Demand or IP and TV channel connexions.

Due to its extra integrated support for broadcast hybrid channels, operators will also find that it is much more efficient and cost effective, making it easier to gain consumer interest in IPTV services.

NetGem is also the company behind the new HD set top box content service that Telstra will use to deliver a PVR box to the Australian market.

The new box is expected to hit shelves as soon as 2010 and will only be accessible on the Telstra network, since the company plans to build its own specific content delivery system.


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