Satellite broadband provider looks for funding

September 24, 2009

The government has put aside £200 million for the provision of broadband services to areas where it is currently impossible get to online, and if the satellite broadband provider Avanti get its way, it could be in line for a lot of the cash.

Avanti is looking for assistance with the launch of a second satellite, even though the first satellite has not lifted off yet.

That one is due to launch in 2010, after the launch had to be rescheduled.

Satellite broadband would seem to be an answer to provide a 2 Mbps broadband service to remote areas but, as with satellite TV, there is a time lag and that could affect some applications.

This is where mobile broadband is better, but does not have the coverage.

One other factor is the cost of satellite broadband.

The equipment and installation can cost around £500, but the actual monthly cost is about £20 per month.


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