TomTom’s iPhone car kit ready to roll

Darren Allan

September 25, 2009

TomTom has announced that its iPhone car kit will be launched next month.

The kit will be priced at £100, and will be compatible with any iPhone model.

It consists of a windscreen mounted docking cradle for your iPhone that will enhance the GPS reception of the handset, with a built-in speaker.

However, you won’t just need the kit to get TomTom navigation on your phone, but also an app which will cost £60.

That will get you the UK and Ireland maps, although if you’re travelling in Europe, you’ll have to fork out more for the relevant app maps of that area (£80 for Western Europe, in fact).

It all sounds like a rather costly business to us.


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  1. Andy D says:

    Navigon for iPhone: £55 for whole of Europe + £15 for a decent cradle. I very VERY rarely have GPS drop out with it, and normally only for a few seconds. It took 15 mins to readjust when using it in France for the first time but then it was as good as ever. I LMAO at Tom tom’s money raking products… £100 indeed, just for the cradle! If you’re still dead set on buying into the Tom tom brand then spend £150 on a decent stand alone.

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