O2 and BT in iPhone app phone number problem

September 28, 2009

Questions are being asked about the delay in rolling out the 0870 application that has been available for around a year on the Google Android platform.

This application has been in Apple’s App Store approvals queue, but now it seems to have appeared on the iTunes App Store and, of course, an application such as this is going to save people money and hence is likely to be very popular.

O2 blames Apple for this delay, but there is a little question as to what BT’s position is on this situation.

After all, if customers are going to save money, then it will be BT that loses out on a valuable revenue source.

As always when these situations arise, there is plenty of blaming going on.

However, there is not likely to be a situation where a firm puts its hands up and says, “It was us!”


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