100000 illegal broadband downloaders using BT

September 29, 2009

After giving BT a list of one hundred thousand customers suspected of being involved in illegal filesharing, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) is disappointed at the lack of action from the ISP in preventing these customers from continuing their online activities.

The creative sector employs firms to monitor alleged illegal activity.

This involves monitoring IP addresses, but this method can be unreliable and cause all sorts of problems for innocent internet users.

BT claims that if it investigated each case, they would have to inspect customers’ broadband usage, and P2P, which is used by the iPlayer, software updates and the Xbox 360 live network, is not illegal, and therefore customers are well within their rights to complain.

There are serious issues here that affect all broadband users and with the government, pushing this through, this problem could be just the tip of the iceberg.


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  1. Gary Earle says:

    The report says the BPI have a list of 100000 suspects, in another report on the same subject when questioned the BPI say the evidence is there and they have enough for 120 cases so far… not a lot out of 100k I know they are monitoring IP’s… Who’s? My home has constant internet access with 2 grown up kids and now my wife using the internet quite heavily… I play online games all night and we have BT on demand through our TV which I understand streams our requested TV from the net, our usage must be very hi but even my kids only use youtube to play music… am I on the list and can they invade my privacy? … even the police need warrants etc to “snoop” on people

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