Cinema style ratings to stop illegal filesharing

September 29, 2009

Most people are used to seeing age ratings on DVDs, games and at the cinema, so what about age ratings on broadband packages – could this be the answer to preventing illegal filesharing?

According to Charles Dunstone, the chief executive of the Carphone Warehouse, adding age rated parental controls to broadband would give control back to parents.

TalkTalk is already working on a parental control system where the consumer decides what sort of level they require for the household.

The levels are likely to be U, 14, 18 and unclassified.

It is believed that the U and 14 level will allow parents to block certain sites like the Pirate Bay, gambling and adult sites.

This sounds ok, as it will give peace of mind to parents who have no idea what their children are doing in the internet.

However, as for stopping illegal filesharing, it would only work if the majority of filesharers are children.


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