Facebook introduces user-powered language translations

Darren Allan

October 2, 2009

Facebook has launched Translations for Facebook Connect, a free tool which lets web developers translate their sites into other languages.

The technology used to create the tool is based on an application used by Facebook to translate its own site into multiple languages. This employed the Facebook community to perform the translation work, with users chipping in with translations for phrases.

Facebook was apparently “blown away by its success” when its site was translated into Spanish in two weeks, and French in just 24 hours. (Zut alors!)

Translations for Facebook Connect will allow businesses to do the same, expanding their web presence on an international stage.

Facebook’s Cat Lee cited an example of how the technology could be used: “With Translations for Facebook Connect, country tourist boards or travel sites that want to attract foreign visitors on holiday can use this framework to translate their sites and automatically present the content to users in their native language after they log in with Facebook Connect.”


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