Titter ye not, censorship hits Apple iPhone calculator

Darren Allan

October 2, 2009

The makers of the PCalc iPhone calculator app have felt it necessary to censor the number 5318008. But only if the iPhone is turned upside down while displaying it.

The reason being, as you’ll probably recall from misspent time in boring Maths lessons at school, is that when turned around this number spells out: Boobies.

Which is a rude word. Sort of.

What you’ll see instead on your inverted iPhone is the word “Censored”, which we’d argue is actually ruder.

The reason for this number prohibition would appear to be Apple’s strict and watchful eye on its app store when it comes to inappropriate content.

We don’t have a copy of the app, or indeed an iPhone to hand, so we can’t check to see if they’ve banned that other classic standby, 55378008 (Boobless).

Or indeed 58008 on its own, or 7734 (you really need a calculator style “4” there) for that matter. Or that other one we can’t print because it really is potentially offensive.


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