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October 5, 2009

Palm’s webOS 1.2.1 works with Apple’s iTunes again

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by Darren Allan

Palm has released webOS 1.2.1 which re-enables syncing with iTunes, a feature that has been available on the Pre before, but was patched out by Apple.

All eyes are now on Apple to see what the company’s response will be – another update in the war of the patches, or consideration of further action to deal more strongly with Palm.

According to a report in Computerworld, Palm has already been criticised for its previous actions by a non-profit organisation (the USB Implementers Forum) which both companies are members of.

It certainly seems like a battle Apple will win, but how long it will last is another matter entirely. Meanwhile, Palm Pre owners can enjoy iTunes, at least for a short while…

Story link: Palm’s webOS 1.2.1 works with Apple’s iTunes again

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