TalkTalk to enter FTTC market

October 5, 2009

The UK’s largest internet service provider, TalkTalk, has signed up for the fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband service being trialed in Muswell Hill, London and Whitchurch, Cardiff, by BT.

However customers may be surprised to find that although this form of broadband is capable of providing an up to 40 Mbps service or higher, currently the speed is limited to just 5 Mbps.

The trials started on the 1st July and are due to continue well into the year, when speeds are expected to rise to 10 Mbps or possibly even 15 Mbps.

The problem with FTTC for customers is that some will never see the top speed of 40 Mbps, depending on the distance from cabinet to home.

The same old problem looks set to affect super fast broadband now, and that is the use of the term “Up To”.

Even now it seems that this is still causing problems for the consumer.


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