Amazon Kindle fires up for UK launch

Darren Allan

October 7, 2009

Amazon has announced the UK launch of its Kindle ebook reader, which will be available on October 19th (as rumours circulating last week had speculated).

The device will essentially be the same as it is in the American market, with the one big change being the solution to the network protocol issues that held up the International version.

Rather than Kindle’s Whispernet system, European users will download books via 3G.

The Kindle store will offer over 250,000 books to UK customers, and the device can hold up to 1500 of them at a time (which should be enough to keep you going on holiday).

Initially, you’ll have to purchase the ebook reader from the US Amazon site, with the price tag set at £175. However, when the cost of shipping is factored in this will rise above the £200 mark.

If that’s a bit too much of a sting to the old wallet, the good news is the Kindle should be coming to before long.


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