Humax fixes set top boxes after Freeview retune

October 7, 2009

During the Freeview digital re-tune some set top boxes stopped working.

The owners of set top boxes made by one manufacturer, Humax, found that their equipment stopped working all together.

The issue was that although Freeview did list all the set top boxes they believed were too old and definitely would not work after the switchover, Humax equipment was not on this list, which has caused much distress to the owners of this equipment.

However, according to Humax, this problem has now been solved and the equipment should now be working fine.

This is great news for the owners of Humax set top boxes, but there are some reports of owners still calling out engineers, so when the problem is finally fixed is still up in the air!


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  1. david sant says:

    humax 9150t since changeover no radio channels !!although after tune up says that they are saved.

  2. Mr J Burton says:

    I have Box set HUMAX F2-FOX T But need a Password to access ISALLATION for digital re tune but I havent got a password for this

    Can you please help

    J Burton

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