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October 9, 2009

Microsoft’s Ballmer says no to e-reader

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by Darren Allan

Microsoft isn’t interested in developing an e-book reader to rival the likes of Amazon’s Kindle.

So commented Chief Executive Steve Ballmer on a visit to the Netherlands, according to a Reuters report.

Ballmer said that the company didn’t need an e-reader – it had the Windows powered PC as a reading device. Though obviously that’s not quite as portable in some cases…

Ballmer further expressed an interest in Amazon bringing books to the PC.

Reuters quoted Ballmer as saying: “I would love to see companies like Amazon and others bring their books to the PC. Hopefully we can get that to happen with Barnes & Noble or Amazon or somebody.”

“But no, we are not interested in e-readers ourselves.”

Story link: Microsoft’s Ballmer says no to e-reader

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