Panasonic Unveils 3D Plasma HDTV Prototype

Franz Bicar

October 12, 2009

3d-plasma-hdtvPanasonic has been one of the leading manufacturers of high-definition television sets. This includes research and innovation towards the HDTV market. So it was no surprise when Panasonic unveiled a prototype to their 50-inch 3D Plasma TV. Of course, with 3D, you still need to use the accompanying 3D glasses that would allow images to pop out of the set. But with technological advances, the 3D glasses might not be needed anymore.

The prototype gives the viewer the illusion of three dimensions. The TV is being unveiled less than a month after Panasonic said it plans to commercialize 3D home entertainment products next year.

How does it work? It works by quickly switching between left and right frames of the video being shown. Viewers wear active glasses that switch in-sync with the TV so that the right image is seen by the right eye and then the left image seen by the left eye.

In a statement, Panasonic said that this rapid switching necessitated the development of new PDP materials and chips so that pixels can be illuminated faster without sacrificing overall screen brightness. Also, they mentioned the use of new phosphers that have a short luminescence decay time to reduce the chance of lingering images when the frames are switched.

The images are at full high-definition resolution of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels.

The prototype set can display high-definition resolution of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. It was unveiled at the company’s headquarters in Osaka, Japan and will make its first public appearance at the Ceatec electronics show near Tokyo.


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