Acer Aspire One D250, the netbook with Android

Darren Allan

October 14, 2009

Acer has announced the Aspire One D250, an Android powered netbook with a very nippy boot speed.

The use of the Android operating system, normally seen on mobiles, will mean that the D250′s boot time will be eighteen seconds flat, according to Acer. It will shut down in just three seconds.

The clever twist is that the netbook won’t be based solely on Android, but will be dual boot with Windows 7 also included.

So if you need Windows, you can have it, whereas if you just want to power on to send a quick email, you can boot up Android.

The D250′s specs include a 10 inch screen, an Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM.

On sale dates or the price remain a mystery at the moment.


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  1. Netbook Accessories says:

    I think this is available on for around $300

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