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October 16, 2009

Ofcom says more faces on Facebook, more twits on Twitter

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by Darren Allan

Recent research conducted by Ofcom has shown that the number of people using social networking sites has almost doubled over the past two years.

In 2007 the figure stood at 22%, but today 38% of Internet users have a social networking profile, a considerable surge indeed.

The study also revealed that more older people are getting online, with the Internet take-up of pensioners rising from 26% to 41%.

Apparently more people are watching TV online, with 29% downloading or viewing programmes in their browser.

We must admit we’ve started using the catch-up services such as iPlayer, as while the screen size of a computer monitor may not be ideal, they’re pretty handy if you’ve forgotten to record something and it’s not repeated.

Online security is still seen as an issue for 21% of respondents who said they would never enter their credit card details online.

Also, 23% said they would never enter their mobile phone number. Unsurprisingly, older people who were less confident in using the Internet were more likely to fall into these groups.

Story link: Ofcom says more faces on Facebook, more twits on Twitter

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