Fibre rollout requires government support

October 19, 2009

Just as the rollout of fibre optic broadband is about to begin the internet service provider BT is calling on the government to help out with the cost.

BT is not calling for a direct injection of government cash, although the company would probably not turn away a whole lot of cash thrown at them.

According to BT, the government should be investing in the industry in order to create a national super fast broadband connection.

The issue is still the provision of broadband in rural areas.

It has been seen that providing fibre broadband in cities, towns and surrounding areas is within reach of BT, as it was with Virgin Media, but taking this technology further afield is a problem.

However, at some point all of the talk is going to have to stop, otherwise the 2012 target for universal broadband is going to be missed.


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