RAE says minimum broadband should be 4 Mbps

October 20, 2009

Proposing broadband for all by 2012 may have seemed like a good idea and yet there has been little progress in bringing rural and remote areas a basic broadband connection, let alone the desired 2 Mbps minimum service.

However, according to the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) the UK should not be aiming so low, in fact the minimum broadband connection speed should at least 4 Mbps in order for the UK to stay in touch the rest of the world.

On the face of it £200 million is available from the digital TV fund and £175 million per year from the “Broadband Tax”, which would seem to be enough cash to start things off.

The RAE thinks that a spend of £2 billion over the next five years would bring the UK up to the minimum 4 Mbps broadband service.


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