Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader to rival Kindle

Darren Allan

October 21, 2009

Over in the US, Barnes & Noble has revealed plans for an e-reader of its own to rival Amazon’s Kindle.

The strangely titled Nook is certainly a flashier looking gadget, featuring not only a monochrome e-ink main display, but also a colour touchscreen below it which will allow users to browse through book covers like a virtual library shelf.

Perhaps the unit’s most novel touch, however, is the facility to lend books to friends with Nooks, or indeed PCs with the Barnes & Noble software installed. Loans will be valid for two weeks, and as a bonus your book doesn’t come back dog-eared and covered in coffee stains.

Powered by Google Android, the Nook will come with 3G and wi-fi, and 2GB of memory which holds the best part of 2000 books. It will retail at $259.

The bad news is, just as with the Kindle, a UK launch might be a long time coming. By the time we get it, no doubt the US will have the Nook 2 (potential working title: the Cranny).


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