Freeview HD spells end of Red Button

October 22, 2009

For a long time BBC viewers have been encouraged to press the red button.

This has especially been the case when it comes to major news and sporting events, but now it seems that the days are numbered for the red button.

As the terrestrial broadcasters look towards providing more HD content, extra capacity is needed to enable this content to be carried.

The BBC has been using the red button for multi screen content, especially during Wimbledon, Grand Prix and the Olympics, but now many of the video streams will no longer be available as the demand for HD content takes precedence.

The problem for the BBC is that there are probably more people wanting to watch the current content through BBCi, than there are viewers wishing to view what is already available, but in a higher quality.


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  1. Bob says:

    This story’s headline is very inaccurate. The Red Button continues apace on all platforms, including Freeview, pre or post Digital Switch Over. The change being made is a reduction from the existing two extra content streams to one, on Freeview. This does reduce the amount of extra video content on the platform by half, but it’s by no means the end.

    Also, a large part of the Red Button service is text based and will not be impacted at all, the news, weather, business, sport etc continues unchanged.

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