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October 23, 2009

EU attempting to push three strikes rule through

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by David Allen

While the debate on what should happen to illegal filesharers has been going on, in the shiny halls of the EU the machine has been moving forward with its “Three Strikes” plan.

Now it seems that even though amendment 138 made the use of the internet part of our fundamental right to freedom of expression, a further amendment to that ruling could effectively mean the complete opposite, leaving people with no protection.

What this means for the ordinary internet user is that their government will be able to do as they please.

It is well known that France favours the three strikes rule, whereas in the UK no firm plans have been laid down yet.

This is a serious issue, as 88 per cent of MEPs took part in two votes on this, and both times voted in favour of amendment 138, but that clearly stands for nothing.

Story link: EU attempting to push three strikes rule through

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