UN approves universal mobile phone charger

October 23, 2009

LG Chocolate BL20 features Rayspan technology
The UN telecoms agency has approved the development of a universal mobile phone charger.

This should eliminate the piles of unused chargers that people tend to accumulate in their drawers as they change their handset over the years.

An astonishing 51,000 tonnes of battery chargers are thrown away every year, and the universal charger should cut greenhouse emissions by an estimated 13.6m tones.

The universal charger will offer micro-USB connectivity, similar to the plug used for digital cameras.

The cable may be able to be disconnected from the adapter and plugged into a computer’s USB port, making a charger pretty well redundant for computer users.

As well as eliminating the need for a new charger each time you change your handset, the new chargers will also consume less energy while charging.


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