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October 27, 2009

Pressure mounts on mobile broadband

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by David Allen

By the time the universal broadband plan comes into effect in 2012, the mobile broadband network could have grown by as much a twenty five times the current levels, pushing the network to its limit.

According to the mobile industry experts Informa, the UK’s mobile broadband network is already showing signs of struggling under the pressure, so in a couple years time it could be at breaking point.

This puts even more pressure on the government’s plan to use mobile broadband to plug the holes in those areas where fixed line broadband cannot be received.

However, despite the lack of cover in rural areas, it is the cities that are the showing signs of pressure, with bottlenecks forming at busy times.

The problem is that demand for mobile broadband is still growing and yet research shows that forty per cent of users are unhappy with the service.

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