Android 2.0 features Google Maps Navigation

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Google has announced something of a killer feature for Android 2.0 in the form of satellite navigation for free.

Google Maps Navigation turns any Android 2.0 phone into a sat-nav device with turn-by-turn instructions.

It offers some very cool features too, such as voice activation – you can simply say where you want to go to your phone. The latest data from Google Maps will mean that the maps are always up to date, complete with live traffic data, and a satellite view to give you a much better visualisation of your surroundings.

You’ll be able to search not only for the nearest petrol station, but for absolutely anything. For example, if you fancy a curry, the system will search for Indian restaurants in town and let you select one.

Considering this is all free for Android phone owners, it’s mightily impressive to say the least, and will doubtless have the likes of TomTom worried.

It isn’t clear which markets Google Maps Navigation will hit, but hopefully we’ll see it over here in the UK.

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