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October 28, 2009

Government sets 2011 date for file sharing crackdown

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by Darren Allan

Lord Mandelson has set out the government’s stall regarding plans to deal with illegal file sharers using a ‘three-strikes-and-you’re-out’ policy.

The Business Secretary said that legislation would be introduced in April 2010, with measures to disconnect persistent offenders coming into force in July 2011. Unless the level of file sharing in the year up until April 2011 drops by more than 70%.

The hope is that this will be the case, and warnings alongside measures such as bandwidth reductions will dissuade people from illegal downloading before the more draconian cut-off measures have to be introduced.

Apparently only one in every twenty music tracks is downloaded legally in the UK, a quite shocking statistic.

Even so, many have been critical of this guilty until proven innocent approach, and quite rightly so as there are bound to be innocent casualties of such a policy.

TalkTalk recently conducted an experiment to show just how many unsecured wireless networks are around. Pirates could easily use these to download via someone else’s connection.

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