Nintendo DSi LL launches with bigger display

Darren Allan

October 29, 2009

Rumours that Nintendo is going to launch a bigger screen DSi have proven true with an announcement today.

The DSi LL will come with dual 4.2 inch screens, considerably larger than the current handheld’s 3.25 inch displays.

The launch date is planned to be November 21st in Japan, and it’s expected that the handheld will cost around the $200 mark.

It’s thought that the larger screens have been incorporated to make the DSi easier on the eyes of older users and web surfers.

However, the release of a new version so soon – just six months – after the launch of the original DSi is certainly a surprising development. Buyers of the original model may well be scratching their heads and wishing they had waited.

No word yet on whether the beefed up displays will be given an airing here in the UK.


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