Michael Jackson tweets from beyond the grave

Darren Allan

October 30, 2009

So what’s the latest crazy happening on Twitter? The “tweance”, or séance via Twitter, with users lining up to fire questions over to the other side.

Angel Fancy Dress (a fancy dress shop) organised the first ever tweance today, with a psychic contacting Michael Jackson amongst other dead celebrities.

Jackson answered various questions, such as: Did we ever see the real you? To which he replied he was a “man of many masks.” He then urged fans to “banish anger from the world.”

At no point, however, did he give it any “cha’mone”, casting some doubt on the authenticity of the proceedings.

On the whole, however, the King of Pop seemed remarkably together, lucid, and able to keep his messages from the netherworld inside Twitter’s 140 character limit.

The other stars which Twitterers voted should be contacted in the session included Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix and William Shakespeare. Apparently Shakespeare was too “weak” to come through… Either that or too difficult to impersonate.


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