Survey throws doubt on touchscreen phones

Darren Allan

November 3, 2009

A survey conducted on 3,000 mobile phone users by Canalys has produced some rather mixed results regarding touchscreen interfaces.

On the one hand, 38% of respondents said that a finger driven touchscreen would be the interface of choice for their next phone.

However, more than half (53%) of current touchscreen owners said that they wouldn’t want a touchscreen interface on their next phone.

Pete Cunningham, Senior Analyst at Canalys, commented: “It is apparent that… a significant proportion of users have not been totally won over by some of these devices.”

“This is to be expected, as it is quite a big shift for many users to make, but a poor experience with one touchscreen device may dissuade users from trying another one in the future and it is imperative that vendors focus on usability and practicality as well as visual appeal, and continue to enhance their interfaces.”

Cunningham also suggested that the healthy figure of 38% professing to desire a touchscreen phone has probably been influenced by marketing campaigns from the likes of Apple, Samsung and others.


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