Huawei Announces Cheap Android Phones for Europe

November 4, 2009

Huawei, for those who don’t know, is a China-based company and is in fact, the largest networking and telecommunications equipment supplier in the People’s Republic of China, will develop their own mobile phones, again, based on Google’s Android Operating System.

What is significant about this news is that Huawei will release these series of Android handsets in Europe, the Asia Pacific and Latin America. This means that the handsets will not only be exclusive in China, but can be enjoyed by several countries. One Android phone from the company, the Huawei Pulse, is already sold by T-Mobile in the U.K.

Huawei has earned its reputation for selling low-priced networking equipments worldwide. The Huawei Pulse has been advertised as an Android phone for lower-end customers. Huawei called the handset the world’s first Android smartphone available on a pay-as-you-go scheme.

Some of you may not have heard about Huawei until now, but the company is a big one and is well-known. Huawei Technologies was included in the World’s Most Respected 200 Companies list compiled by Forbes magazine in May 2007, one of the six from telecom industry.

Furthermore, in December 2008, BusinessWeek magazine puts Huawei at number 3 after Apple and Google in their first annual list of ‘The World’s Most Influential Companies’ in collaboration with an advisory board of 14 academics, consultants, and industry leaders worldwide.

Other Chinese companies who previously announced Android phones for Europe include Haier and Beyond Radio Technology.


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