Apple, RIM Increase Growth in Wi-Fi Handset Market

November 5, 2009

In the tight smartphone market, a few percentage increase or decrease can ultimately determine the winner and the loser. As of the moment, Apple and Research In Motion is rising and is slowly showing signs of becoming a winner as it grabbed a bigger share in the Wi-Fi handset market over the past year. The loser, Nokia.

Of course, Nokia is still the leading vendor for Wi-Fi and cellular smartphones but its marketshare is slowly dropping – with 35 percent in the second quarter of this year. The study, being conducted by In-Stat, shows that Nokia’s share is falling while Apple enjoyed the greatest growth followed by RIM. Coming in third is Samsung. Samsung’s share has been relatively flat but usually dips a bit from the first to the second quarter.

In sheer unit volume, Nokia has done well the past few quarters, with 9.3 million Wi-Fi handsets shipped in the second quarter of the year compared with Apple’s 5.2 million shipments. However, Nokia’s shipments have dropped since the first quarter of 2008 when it saw 12 million units fly out the door. Over the same period, Apple, RIM, and HTC have seen their shipments grow.

Wi-Fi handset shipments are expected to rise just 25 percent to 128.4 million units for 2009. That compares with a nearly 180 percent jump in 2008.


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