Virgin Media in pole position for broadband speed

November 5, 2009

It seems that the cable broadband provider Virgin Media is not going to be toppled from the top of the monthly broadband speed league table, as compiled by

It should not come as much of a surprise that Virgin Media has the top spot once more, with an average download speed of 7.26 Mbps, but what is surprising is the speed offered by the second placed ISP.

O2, which includes Be Broadband is still in second place but the average broadband speed slipped away slightly to 5.019 Mbps.

Last month O2 recorded a speed of 5.535 Mbps.

The rest of the UK’s ISPs were all under 4 Mbps.

The top ten ISP’s by broadband download speeds are:

Virgin Media
O2 ( Be Broadband )
Eclipse Internet
Sky Broadband


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