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November 6, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 flies out faster than Vista

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by Darren Allan

It’s good news for Microsoft, as early sales of new operating system Windows 7 have been strong.

Far stronger than Vista ever managed, although that isn’t particularly difficult, given that Vista was never very well received.

According to research experts NPD, early sales in the US have outstripped Vista by a considerable margin of 234% more units sold.

This isn’t too surprising when you consider the strong pre-launch interest, with Amazon UK reporting that the operating system was its biggest grossing pre-order of all time, outdoing even the last Harry Potter book.

The slight catch for Microsoft, as the NPD report also points out, was that revenue growth wasn’t as substantial – but still 84% higher than Vista. That’s due to some heavy discounting to encourage the uptake of Windows 7.

“Microsoft’s program of early low-cost pre-sales, high visibility marketing, and aggressive deals helped make the Windows 7 software launch successful,” said Stephen Baker, Vice President of Industry Analysis at NPD.

“In a slow environment for packaged software Windows 7 brought a large number of customers into the software aisles.”

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