Orange defends iPhone data cap

Darren Allan

November 6, 2009

A spokesman from Orange has been on Twitter defending the company’s 750MB download cap for the iPhone.

Conor Maples has been tweeting that Orange has had the iPhone running in other European countries for a while, and the company’s research shows the average user only consumes 200MB per month anyway.

He added that “750MB is actually quite a lot of mobile data too – it’s about 5 hours of video downloaded from YouTube, 75,000 mobile web pages or 30,000 normal web pages, 250 full music tracks (if an average track is about 3mb) or 1500 mobile games.”

He also confirmed that popular streaming services will not be banned for iPhone users.

Samsung Galaxy S3

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  1. Gareth says:

    1500 mobile games eh? Sometimes I wonder why these idiots get paid the money they do. Surely the average app store “game” is 1mb. Leaving the total number at 750 per month. I think orange have forgotten iPhones cannot download their over priced orange home java crap!

  2. Sayed says:

    Well I have been watching tv for 2-3 hours everyday in last three weeks, I haven’t recieved my first bill yet and was not aware of any data cap by orange. When I access my account it shows unlimited data. Am really been charged for watching tv?

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