Spotify aids fight against piracy

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Apparently music streaming service Spotify is helping to curb the appetites of illegal file downloaders in the UK.

Research sponsored by indicates that 62% of those who admit carrying out illegal downloads reckon that Spotify has helped them reduce the amount of files they are illegally grabbing.

James Parker, Broadband Manager at, said: “With Spotify joining the ranks of legal music sites, illegal downloading seems set to become much less popular.”

“Streaming music for free or for a reasonable fee whilst on the move could spell the end for illegal downloading and could even send the CD the way of the mini-disc and cassette tape.”

The survey of 2,300 people also highlighted the fact that illegal downloading is worse amongst men – 16% of males admitted it, in comparison with 9% of women. Although that could just mean women are better liars.

But the most telling statistic emerged in terms of age – 30% of under twenties said they engaged in the practice.

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